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Robert HowzeRobert Howze, Jr., "The Pastor's CPA", is a Certified Public Accountant who has exclusively serviced religious leaders and institutiuons for over 10 years. Robert is the founder of “The Pastor’s” and President of Legacy Consulting, Inc., which provides financial training to faith-based clients of all types and sizes. Robert also has significant expertise in church management systems.

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  • Board meetings and Board minutes

  • Record Retention

  • Record management & filing systems

  • Salary structures

  • Love offerings

  • 1099 Compensation

  • Accountable Reimbursement Plan


How to document major board decisions and what decisions to document.


How long to retain specific church documents.


What type of filing systems to maintain.


How to document and structure salary decisions.


What forms to use in making and structuring housing allowances.


How to structure love offering campaigns.


How to design a love offering envelope.


Detailed instructions on 1099 preparation and requirements.


The proper way to reimburse for ministry expenses.


The proper way to reimburse for travel expenses.


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